The (Un)Holy Trinity

Laura Jean Healey - United Kingdom

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The (Un)Holy Trinity is a multichannel film installation that draws inspiration from three legendary women: Lilith, Eve and Salome, who through their supposedly ‘unnatural’ acts of defiance, aggression, or desire for autonomy, have been demonised throughout history to serve as a warning as to how destructive female sexuality can be if left unchecked. 


The three filmed performances seek to not only explore these women in their moment of defiance but, more importantly, to challenge the demonised perceptions of the so-called ‘unnatural’ woman - that have been used to warn women as to the dangers such desires and/or actions can lead to.


Each of the performances celebrate these women for their supposedly ‘unwomanly’ ways and draws upon the moment in which each woman asserts her own will; revealing her true inner strength in order to achieve her own sense of agency and defy the traditional, suffocating role that has long been allotted to them. By extension, the films seek to force the audience to question why these ingrained perceptions of powerful women as shameful or demonic – views, which deny female strength and sexuality - still exist today.


‘The (Un)Holy Trinity’ is intended to be exhibited as a large scale, multichannel installation. The three-filmed performances ideally would be projected within a large, dark, exhibition space, as three individual floor to ceiling projections. The women’s larger than life moving portraits would play on a continuous loop; dominating the space in which they coexist, as they stare directly into the camera, openly aware of and blatantly challenging the audiences’ voyeuristic gaze.


The three performances are to be read as one single piece; with each performance choreographed to echo and enhance that of the others. This unity includes the three individual soundtracks, which when played separately enrich each the of the protagonists actions; but when played together become one haunting soundscape, designed to draw the audience into their overwhelming spell.


While the ‘The (Un)Holy Trinity’ was designed to be exhibited as large scale installation, it can be exhibited as an online VR experience.


Dati dell'opera

Installazione - Video installazione

Creato il 8 marzo 2020

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