Geboren in Belgium am 20 Mai 1959.

    Aktuell lebende in Deinze (Belgium).

    Aktivität: Mix Media; Andere;


    Born and raised in Zwijndrecht near Antwerp, Belgium.

    Whilst studying classical Latin-Greek in secondary school, I grew fascinated by ancient art during art history classes. When visiting Antwerp, you could always find me in museums where I became passionate about modern art. 

    Once I finished secondary school, I opted for an artistic education at the LUCA – School of Arts in Antwerp. Even during my professional career at a graphic design company, my love of art persisted, always looking for new discoveries in museums both in Belgium and abroad. 

    When I moved to Deinze in 2013, I enrolled at the art academy “KADE visual (fine) art”. 

    It was during a public presentation that a gallerist praised my work for its originality. 

    Consequently, I decided to showcase my artwork in both solo and group exhibitions. 

    In the meantime I also participated in artistic workshops in Ghent, organised by LUX Kunstwerk(t). 



    • 2019: Selected for ACAF 2019 at Bozar Brussels. 

    • 2019: Group exhibition “INSIDE-OUTSIDE” in Gavere, organised by the Jacques t’ Kindt 


    • 2018: Group exhibition at Resonans Gallery in Ghent. 

    • 2018: Solo exhibition at Marie Milart in Deinze. 

    • 2017: Solo exhibition at Open Atelier 95 in Gentbrugge. 

    • 2017: Solo exhibition at Saveryspand in Deinze. 

    • 2016: Group exhibition "Biënnale Deinze".




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