Olesya Smolkova


Nata a: Moscow (Russian Federation) il 25 maggio 1978.

Attuale residenza: Krasnogorsk (Russian Federation).


  Olesya Smolkova - artist, screenwriter and mother of thee 

  Lives and works in Moscow

  Participates in various online and offline exhibitions and competitions


  Collaborates with its galleries and organizations:

  "Here" on Taganka, Moscow

  NaZavod, Moscow

  ArtAlebrio, Moscow

  Art Guest Agency & Auction, international project

  Gallery Kvartira S 


  The Forbitten Fruit, Miami, USA

  Venice International Art Fair BORDERS, Venice, Italy

  Writes poetry https://stihi.ru/avtor/krasotatvorenia

  and prose https://proza.ru/avtor/myfeeling


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