Gary Hopkins

Male, 現時生活在 Prineville (United States of America)

出生 Bisbee (United States of America) 在 28 十一月 1948.

現時生活在 Prineville (United States of America).

活動: 畫; 數位圖形;

My work is derived from a deep love of nature, jazz and classical music. I consider myself a colorist and use color to excite the eye and move the spirit to share in the mystery of image making. The work relies on complex textures and edges that follow traditional rules of composition, and tonal balance to convey subject hinted at in my titles.

  Originally I worked with traditional media, pencil, oils, acrylics and watercolor.  It was my work in watercolor where I learned to enjoy the quick mark making, brushwork and layering of colors necessary to create an effective watercolor work.  Later I learned to translate that working style into a digital style using pressure sensitive tablets and some great painting software. Working digitally I try to keep the work fresh and show the movement of the digital brush and excitement of color and depth of field as inspired by natural and urban landscapes and my favorite music.