Sail Away With Me

Maja Kerin-Cosignani - Monaco

Come, Sail Away With Me, let me take you to the beautiful calm sea, just outside Monte Carlo. Today is a warm day with the sun hiding behind the clouds creating this beautiful mist above the sea. We will slowly sail away and just rest, rest away from the busy streets, busy minds, away from all of our worries. 
The artwork is an invitation to a relaxing day on the boat, promising a peaceful sailing, away from all the worries one might have. The white colour on the artwork is the true colour of healing. In the chromotherapy it is commonly used as spiritual healing, protection and truth seeking colour. 
The light blue part of the artwork evokes calmness. It fights both physical and mental tension and is used to assist in relaxation. The mood of the artwork brings peace.  
The impressionist feel of the artwork has been created with an in-camera technique, a multi dimensional technique and camera painting (ICM technique). The artwork is a limited edition of 10 artworks.


Maja Kerin-Cosignani, the photographer behind Blue Pineapple, is known for her unique 'flow photography' style, creating emotion filled abstract artworks.

Blue Pineapple's flow photography often emphasises the colour with a soft and dreamy impressionist feel. Maja believes in colour as a healing tool that propels a feeling of wellbeing and inner peace. Her aim is to fully express the sensation of energy that is felt when looking at the subject. As Kerin-Cosignani says, 'Everything is energy. Everything around us moves and vibrates all the time, and I like to capture that flow.'

From her own experiences and her previous exploration of chromotherapy, known as colour therapy, Maja learned just how vital colours could be in person's life. As colour can affect the fundamental sense of self and is considered to be a healing tool, matched with an impressionist mood, Blue Pineapple Art moves its audience to create a feeling of well-being and inner peace. A simple yet powerful message that Kerin-Cosignani felt compelled to share with the world.

​ To overcome limitations of traditional photography as a medium, and to capture these feelings, Maja uses in-camera techniques to achieve multidimensionally effects, called flow photography.


Detalles de la obra

Fotografía - Técnica Mixta
Tamaño de la obra - Anch 150 | Alt 100 | Prof 3

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