by AYUNA - Korea (south)


 While we live in this world, we are directed towards a place where we can take a rest, harboring our own story, in order to avoid the inevitable conflicts. 'A(ah)'s' 'forest' embraces such people. A forest is a free space not dictated by human beings' limited physical law. Disorder, order, ugliness and beauty co-exist, while the dried-up tree branches pouring down co-exist with the new-growing leaves. Since life is not separated from death, things are dying here and there. So, there are things being born anew just as a death is followed by a resurrection. The nature embraces everything. It harbors even human beings' life, We feel relieved by the strong but week nature. We revert back to the primitive being in the forest being filled and waning naturally, and thereby, recover our primitiveness, looking at the cycle of the life. Everything flows.

Artwork Details

Pintura - Aceite
Tamaño de la obra - Anch 193.9 | Alt 130.3 | Prof 2.9
Creado el 1 agosto 2019