Ramdin-Boojhawon Anjana


Né en: Curepipe (Mauritius) , le 6 juillet 1976.

Vivant actuellement à: Beau Bassin (Mauritius).


I'm Anjana Ramdin-Boojhawon from Mauritius. I'm married. Work as a Loan Coordinator in a financial company. I have been painting since my childhood. Learnt the basics at school, and took art subject as a subsidiary subject in my higher school certificate (secondary schooling) My parents being also passionated in art and design, I have learnt a lot from them. I remember to have always helped my mum making decorative gifts using natural objects like sea shells, branches, wood. My father on the other hand works a lot with wood, and I have learnt quite some sculpture making with him. I also like to do a lot of research. My basic is the madhubani style (originated from bihar, India) However, I try to work it out in my style, keeping the folkloric style. My inspiration is music, specially classical ones. I have also learnt indian classical vocal music and dance. I usually try to transfer the mood I have while listening to music on canvas. I have paused quite some time with paintings specially after I got married. I have started over again around 1 year or so. I usually paint specially in my free times, which is on week ends. I have made around 6 paintings till now, and presently working on 3 others.

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