lienou kevin

    Homme, Vivant actuellement à yaounde (Cameroon)

    Né en yaounde (Cameroon) , le 10 août 1998.

    Vivant actuellement à yaounde (Cameroon).



    I am a young ambitious boy called Lienou kevin living in Cameroon Im 19 yrs old.I school at the university of fine arts. and i just love arts since Im born and i just like to learn more that is my first objective and to be able to express myself through my art .Its the only thing i love doing and i will love to improve and later on initiate some young people like me to work on thier .Even though now i have no support with material i always pray to one day to continue abroad with high quality infrastucture.i just pray to have support to help me in my projets and improve.






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