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» Brenze woman on a rock

Naknada za umjetnička djela

Skulptura - Brončano
Veličina umjetničkog djela - Širina 5 | Visina 6.5 | Dubina 9.5
Izrađeno je 1 Ožujak 2020

Woman on a rock

"Woman on a Rock" is an ode to women. Those who give birth to men and their imaginations, those who comfort them, and those who accept their absences. Sitting on a rock, they rise to support the throes of our civilizations where they evolve with difficulty, often misunderstood, sometimes humiliated or worse, belittled. Nudity reveals their femininity without second thoughts because it underlines what they are, strong and free. Solitude on a rock reinforces the expression that behind every man there is a woman, letting him strut under the lights of success while the woman remains modestly in the background. She seems to be taking a deep breath after so much effort and selflessness, knowing that she will have to tirelessly get up to assert her rights and decide her duties. Placed on a table or a desk, "Woman on a Rock" is more than a work of art, it is raising the banner of their freedom.


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