Juraj Jonke

Male, 에 현재 거주 zagreb (Croatia (Hrvatska))

에서 태어남 zagreb (Croatia (Hrvatska)) 에 27 9월 1954.

에 현재 거주 zagreb (Croatia (Hrvatska)).

활동 : 페인팅 ; 사진 ; 조각품 ; 혼합 미디어 ;

Jonke Juraj has exhibited  his works since 1968. He has had several dozen solo exhibitions, wit over350 group appearances, home and abroad (Japan, USA, Finland, Bulgaria, Serbia, Great Britain, Mexico..) He participated in numerous artistic events, fund-raitising campaingns  and art colonies. Koautor  monografie  50years of the Croatian Association of Naive Artists. The winner of the Cest is d 'best festival  2013 in Zagreb.  He is a addition to theAssociation, he has been a member of the Croatian Visual Arts Association. He lives and works in Zagreb.

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