Daniela Pinheiro

Female, Actualmente viviendo en Leiria (Portugal)

Nacido en Leiria (Portugal) el 19 abril 1994.

Actualmente viviendo en Leiria (Portugal).

Actividad: Pintura;

Daniela Pinheiro was born in 1994. She's a painter that lives and works in Batalha, Portugal. In 2012, she started her studies in the Academy of Fine Arts of the University of Oporto, where she finished, in 2018, a master’s degree in Painting, after completing a degree in Plastic Arts, in the branch of Painting. Right now, she is doing a Ph'D, in Plastic Arts, in Oporto, to develop a study about the presence of self constraints and rules in the field of artistic freedom. In Painting, the artist develops a work that surrounds geometry, composition and colors in the concrete space of the Painting. All the elements are carefully related in the space of the canvas, with the purpose of getting, at the same time, a strong and simple (synthetic) image. Her biggest references, are Wassily Kandinsky, Josef Albers, Ellsworth Kelly, Carl André, Frank Stella and, in the national panorama, Ângelo de Sousa. Since 2016, Daniela has participated in several exhibitions and national contests. 

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