The Man Who Was Forever Haunted by His Head

by Claudio Sichel - Italy

The video is born from a collaboration with British alternative rock band The Doppler Shift. Based on the lyrics of the song "The Man Who Was Forever Haunted by His Head", the video tells us through the representation of a "journey" metaphorical and poetic, the identity crisis of man. It’s easy to get confused when the life you want is not the one that actually you are experiencing.

Initially there is a strong sense of loss and loneliness of the main character in need of spiritual guidance (the woman who gets transported by the moon) able to reconnect their spirit within the world that surrounds him. Then starts a journey that sees the couple crossing dark and inhospitable cities. The love that’s born between the male and female is represented as light-energy and is the key to defeating his obsessions, The Demon.

As the music builds, we see an openness and positive spiritual resurgence of the man who loses that annoying mental cobweb who accompanied him. The couple start to fly upward, crossing worlds and planets and reaching the final inner freedom, the light from the sun.

The last shot shows two characters within the opening imagery and ending with the closing of the moon-eye, as to indicate that the path that has been done is a mental experience that could be repeated.

Artwork Details

Animatión - Animatión 2D
Creado el 17 mayo 2013