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» Cul de Sac of Ab-i Hayat

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Cul de Sac of Ab-i Hayat

'Cul de sac of Ab-ı Hayat '' based on a idea of the people although living nested with their multıculturism form, of course has a very contrast viewpoints. And this complex ideas allegorize with mazes that has conflicts which can also seem by the street language of '' the culde sacs'
The living together ability of various,nested and multicultural lives are by the source of rooted culture allegorized with deep-rooted tree.'

mthological  story:  Moses  comes  to  a  village  to  climb  to  Moses  Mountain.  The  village  called   " Hıdırbey  (Sir Khidr) " , once  where  Moses  met  Khidr.  He  leaves  aside  his  ferula  to  drink some  water  . By  stucking  his  ferula  to  the  ground  or  just  by  the  dripping  water  from  his   ferula   which  is called   "Ab-ı Hayat  (immortality water) " , a giant  plane tree occurs.  It  is  why  this  tree  is  believed  that  being  almost  3  thousand  years  old  and  it's  holiness  for this  reason.