Dinildomar das Dinildomar das

    남자 , 에 현재 거주 Istanbul (Turkey)

    에서 태어남 Rio Branco (Brazil) 에 13 6월 1970.

    에 현재 거주 Istanbul (Turkey).

    활동 : 페인팅 ; 조각품 ; 행위 예술 ; 기타 ;


    Dinildomar das Chagas de Moura borned in Acre, state of Brazil but is based in Istanbul, Turkey. Is a visual artist, painter, engraver and sculptor. He began his studies in arts getting a scholarship won by a selection process in Acre through an alliance made by the Departments of Education and Culture to send him to study at the Fine Arts University of Cusco in Peru, where he specialized in engraving in 1994. He i salso graduated in Visual Arts from UFG Goiás/Brazil in 2001 and completed his Master degree in Science of Language at the National University of Peru - La Cantuta in 2005. 

    Brief Report on Artistic Production
    Part of the daily experiences, the ingenuity and courage of the little native child, of the caboclo - indigenous communities of the border regions between Acre, Peru and Bolivia, rudimentary and playful handling of native products and the extraction of some cereals from there, such as rice, cassava among others, as well as fishing and hunting, allied with the flora-faunistic beauty, represented by the red macaw, toucan, tapir, anaconda among other living beings of the place, figure the imagination of the artist. which makes a colorful graphic-primitivist transformation, representing this natural poetics in its totality.
    Indigenous graphism are present within the artist's works, ceasing to be only symbolic cultural adornments, dressing and coating every detail of the paintings. enticing the viewer, presupposing a journey, to know and discover the charms and beauty that are increasingly distant from our "fabulous" uncivilized world.



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