nulinde edward

Male, В настоящее время живет в KAMPALA (Uganda)

Родился в KAMPALA (Uganda) на 31 декабрь 1994.

В настоящее время живет в KAMPALA (Uganda).

Деятельность: Живопись;



       ARTIST’S NAME: Mulinde Edward


 NATIONALITY: Ugandan                       


STUDIO ADRESS: Zera Skills Center - Mpala

TEL: +256-793148555



Mulinde Edward also known as Hope in the field of art  aged 24 years who is a student at Kyambogo University pursuing a Bachelor’s degree in Art and Industrial Design specializing on both painting and sculpture.

The artist also holds both a Diploma and a Certificate in Art and Design from Michelangelo College of Creative Arts Kisubi.

The artist’s skill in art gradually developed since childhood and his love to research about art, has added value onto his understanding and execution of his art

Since the Edward desires to have his own signature in art derived him to develop his own technique of using dumped plastic soda bottles in sculpture and in painting, the aid of a pallet knife creates his identity.



Mulinde Edward believes that the world cannot survive without art and so his art educates and adds value to the development of the societies.

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