Beyond the Plastic

The "Beyond the Plastic" installation, composed of a school of fish and jellyfish, comes largely from the development of my work and was conceived thinking about the use of waste materials and also in its design to be easily assembled and disassembled, simplifying the process of reuse. In this transversality of the sustainability framework, I collected and reused PET, a common plastic, used in the manufacture of bottles and demijohns as well as transparent buttons
  purchased at fairs to hang the pieces with fisherman's wire.
I used painting techniques appropriate to the materials (acrylic, PET, aqueous resin, organic compounds and spray paint) with the blue color representing the preservation of aquatic life. The support, transparent and shiny, allows voids, gradations of transparency and opaque to overlap and interpenetrate. Natural and artificial light play a game of reflections, absorption and diffusion of light through the pieces, creating specific patterns and highlighting a myriad of shades.

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Инсталация - Разные материали
Размер произведения - Ширина 1200 | Высота 4000 | Глубина 180
Создано 23 сентябрь 2020

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