Ananaya Das

    Mujer, Actualmente viviendo en Dhaka (Bangladesh)

    Nacido en Dhaka (Bangladesh) el 23, 1993.

    Actualmente viviendo en Dhaka (Bangladesh).

    Actividad: Pintura; Instalación; Mix Media;


    Ananaya Das is a Bangladeshi artist who has won Media Best Award (2014), Prime Minister Gold Medal (2016) and Best Experimental Award (2017), and now she is combining creative craft orientation in this days.

    Ananaya was born in 1993 in the old town of Dhaka named Dholaipar. Her father is a non-governmental employee and her mother is a creative thinker. She has completed her BFA & MFA from Faculty Of Fine Art in the University of Dhaka. She was a participant of several group art exhibition. Among them Annual Art Exhibition - 2014, 7th Kahal Art Fair - 2015, 22nd National Art Exhibition-2017, Annual Art Exhibition -2017, 21'st Young Artists Art Exhibition - 2018, 23nd National Art Exhibition-2019 is her remarkable participation.

    Ananaya's work often focused on woman of rural Bangla & the subjectivity of her art work shows the unseen images of an women's expression. She explains those expression say for " A Woman's Leisure" (Oboshor), "Thought Of Motherhood" (Matrika Chinton) etc through her art work. In most of her work one can see the row color application. She cities more of a black & white combination and red, blue & light brown colors. As major inspirations for her work, she has been inspired by cubist movement. 








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