Self(ie)-Portraiture: with intent or for attention

Shorena Laue - Denmark

Artists’ self-portraits often were not just a mirror reflection of the sitters, but storytelling images created by the skilled masters that illustrated the ideas of truth, human conditions, values, and perceptions. Today, the development of photo cameras, to which the speed of human evolution cannot even compare, makes sure that no skills are required in producing our images and no time is left for considerations. Now with modern technology always at hand, we are able to effortlessly capture our pictures and share them with friends and strangers. My work is about the evolution of the self-portraiture into modern selfies which was brought first by the mirror of Renaissance and later by the development of digital photo cameras. It attempts to present the contemporary experience of online visual self-presentation. In search for commonalities between traditional self-portraiture and selfies, this work attempts to present the contemporary experience of online visual self-presentation and to bring digital and physical selves closer together.


Artwork Details

Photography - Analogue / Traditional
Artwork Size - Width 115 | Height 120 |
Created on 1 February 2018

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