Diffusion of Realms

Victor Cuzmenco - Moldova

This painting shows how different realms of the one world can co-exist, penetrate in one another blending in diffusion. The real figurative world from the top of the painting transfers into abstract realm, which is not seen but can be imagined by human. The bottom realm represents micro ad Nano world out of human view. We all are different like the world we live in, so the perception of multiple realms is infinite. The eclectic irregular frame made of wooden fragments is an integral part of the artwork. 

The artwork is created in mixed media: ground, sand, clay, shell limestone, spray paint, bronze powder, wood, oil, acrylic on canvas


Artwork Details

Painting - Mixed technique
Artwork Size - Width 80 | Height 80 | Depth 7
Created on 15 December 2020

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