Urban Voids - Ferry

Eva Bodo - Slovakia

The title of Urban voids is based on specific unused urban places. For such "blank places" in an urbanized environment refers to open free spaces between two elements of a building or empty spaces without a function between two or more separate objects without mutual connection. These places are forgotten, empty, dysfunctional, and waiting for their future use. I update this topic by reflecting reality through an abstract painting, an approach, which consists in reducing the landscape or urban space into linear color fields in my canvases. It generates space by deconstructing and analyzing photographs and drawings that I create.  Such a painting treatment of non-places of the city does not solve only the transformation of a photograph or a sketch into a painting, for me it carries a symbol of the total liberation of the photographed space from its real state, from the burden of being unseen.

The scenes are found depictions of peripheries, neglected and untouched interventions left to the mercy of humanity.  Apocalyptic scenes are deprived of their (perhaps) gloomy, melancholic mood with a distinct color scale and minimizes their expression in the images. In my artistic process of abstraction, the architectural sense of space is also significant to watch. My minimalistic handwriting is typical in the sketches, but sometimes it is multiplied as I create several sketches onsite in a roll.  The color in them remains monochrome, black and white, just like in the photograph.  They are documentary means of capturing the environment, which I edit and adjust in a minimalist way after production.  I transform my deconcretization painting approach into post-production processed sketches. On its large-format surface there is a shift from the real to the abstract and geometric.

From a specific neglected space to an indefinite one, from black and white to rich color scales.  Indefinite the nooks and crannies of one street, staring at each other in a melancholic spirit, is accentuated by blue-red-rosa color, while on the other hand the deep green and brown is still a remnant of the reality.

Contemporary art brings an open space for one's own interpretation moments, feelings and perception. In this final moment, I would therefore like to leave the freedom of my own interpretation to the viewers, who can find these in my abstract paintings what is close to them.



Artwork Details

Painting - Acrylic
Artwork Size - Width 150 | Height 190 | Depth 3
Created on 20 August 2022

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