Studio Cromato - Italy

Studio Cromato was born in Italy, where all you need to do to experience beauty is enter a church.
And in Rome alone there are more than 900 churches. Aesthetics permeates everything and goes hand in hand with functionality, until it becomes tradition.
Questioning these categories, desecrating them, means leaving the comfort zone, going beyond, finding oneself in an unknown cultural and semantic field.
The white plastic chair can be found in any bar, club, restaurant, garden, trattoria in Italy.
Not all models are the same, sometimes there are small differences in the grooves of the back or on the seat, but the glance recognizes it as one, fully belonging to the categories mentioned.
To disturb the serenity of the known, 10 cm long plastic studs have been added, specially created in 3D.


Artwork Details

Installation - Plastic
Artwork Size - Width 50 | Height 80 | Depth 55
Created on 1 June 2021

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