Manipulation III

David Pflugi - Switzerland

Connected inextricably to Manipulation I (the other submitted artwork), this piece engages the observer with a novel dynamic, maintaining a near identical core to the previous piece.


Manipulation III, intrinsically favors a clearer and more carved out path in conveying the same message, which is manipulation through deception. Again, from one angle the observer follows a Rothko color field. In the middle view, the relief is a clearly carved six letter reading of the word “hatred” juxtaposing the opposite piece in which the word “love” is carved.


The angle from the left side introduces the same characters as from the Manipulation I. Here we can see the TV like object, the frame of which is designed by the character who is perceived to be a “manipulator”, controlling the other character who is preaching the news, however with the fringe neatly providing a carefully placed obstacle in their eyesight. You can also see a computer mouse with which the manipulation is orchestrated.


With a damaged heart in between, the observer may be correct in having the warrant to question if we are blinded by what we see, read and hear as we invest our hearts into the flow of information, rarely questioning the source of the message itself, and who is reading the news. 




Artwork Details

Mix Media - Other
Artwork Size - Width 120 cm | Height 95.5 cm | Depth 5 cm
Created in 2003

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