Transforming Touch

Michelle Rinow - United Kingdom

Transforming Touch focuses on fostering human connection and engagement through play. Transforming Touch is a series of playable, shape changing, and kinetic textile arts pieces.  When touched, the pieces expand and illuminate, exposing an exciting variety of colours or changing shape as it transforms.  The pieces combine industrially knit fabric with soft robotic structures, sensors and LED lights to allow the work to playfully transform in response to the viewer’s touch. The pieces use colour and material to foster human interaction through play.

Transforming Touch is designed to be accessible to all ages including children and the elderly. The series goes back to the power of textiles as tactile objects. Knitting is a powerful medium because it has a strong sense of familiarity and coziness. Usually we wear knit fabrics as garments, but this collection explores the idea of using knit to soften our environments and the technology within our environments.

­Technology is increasingly a part of our everyday lives, yet people have come
to feel technology can be quite dehumanizing.  Transforming Touch aims to humanize technology through combining tactile, soft materials with technological components such as sensors and arduinos. Textiles and technology come together harmoniously to achieve the playful movements and transformations in this series. 



Artwork Details

Mix Media - Other
Artwork Size - Width 20 | Height 12 | Depth 10
Created on 10 May 2020

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