Carpet - Raspberry mandala for happiness and well-being

Gabriela Siegmund - Poland

This painting is an attempt to achieve the impossible as it seems at first glance, that is, to convey in one image the essence of love between two people, the process of achieving it and the state after achieving it.

The inspiration for the painting was the combination of

  1. motifs used on Indian wedding dresses lehenga, which are richly decorated with ornaments, oranments symbolise the wealth and well- beeing brought by the bride into the marriage together with
  2. the motif of a forget-me-not flower, which is in Poland a symbol of eternal love combined in a
  3. mandala which is  a symbol of mandala as transcendence and infinity, and the process of  its creation which is tedious and requires faith, precision, compassion as well as
  4. round shape of the painting reflects the movement of change known as the samsara circles, which symbolize an uninterrupted circle of birth and death - having neither beginning nor end, and on a micro scale - the birth and death of each of us at every moment, which allows us to change and thus develop and increase the level of consciousness.
  5. the combination of oriental and oxidant art influencess as proof of the universality of love and humanity

The painting reflects  the statics of the existence of both people side by side and at the same time the constant dynamics of changes that take place in each of these people internally and in their common relationship.

The name "carpet” refers to the form I adopted for my paintings. Carpets, present in Asian cultures, but also typical of most cultures coexisting in Poland, where I was born and raised, are an object that brings beauty to the homes in which they are found, giving warmth and coziness, stimulating the imagination. Carpets and their symbols were also often used to transmit information to subsequent generations. And it is these features of carpets and their social functions that I refer to in my art work.

The painting was made in a mixed technique (acrylic paints, contour paints, glass, on cotton canvas).



Artwork Details

Painting - Mixed technique
Artwork Size - Width 70 | Depth 4
Created on 5 September 2023

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