07 March 2020


Bradley Ertaskiran is thrilled to present its inaugural group exhibition, Cause à effet, which positions the work of eight artists in dialogue around notions of change and agency. This exhibition grew out of an interest in works that are created through the passage of time and natural phenomena, light and shadow, chemical reactions and the traces that these leave behind as reflections on mortality and posterity. It extended to include works whose content indicates spiritual transcendence, virtual purgatory and digital trickery, creating links between the experience for the viewer that is at times mystical, dark or uncanny and processes that extend beyond the artist’s control. Ultimately the works assembled in Cause à effet are objects that appear to have their own agency, or to speak of something that is bigger than the individual. The works operate on different extremes. 

Artwork by Carlos Reyes, Owen Kydd and Jeremy Shaw is exhibited courtesy of Bodega, Monte Clark Gallery and Macaulay & Co. Fine Art, respectively.

For all inquiries, please contact Antoine Ertaskiran or Megan Bradley:  
info@bradleyertaskiran.com or +1 514 989-1056.

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