Ilya Veselov
Male, living in Ivanovo (Russian Federation)

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Artwork Details

Painting - Other
Artwork Size - Width 26 | Height 37 | Depth 4.5
Created on 2 April 2019

Holy Wisdom

Handwritten icon of Holy Wisdom (In Russian Orthodox tradition, Sophia-the wisdom of God). If you create icons used and the best eco-friendly materials tested by centuries.  Materials; lime Board with two ARKS and tapered dowels (extract icon-Board to writing icons for over 8 years.), pavoloka, levkas, 23 carat gold leaf, two-layer gilding of halos, natural eco-friendly mineral paints, natural eco-friendly linseed oil. The icon is written in strict observance of the Canon and the ancient technology of iconography, in fasting and prayer.

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