Patxi Xabier Lezama Perier


    Nacido en: Zalla (Spain) el 20 junio 1967.

    Actualmente viviendo en: Zalla (Spain).



    Born in Zalla on June 20, 1967, he is one of the representative artists of the Basque scene. Creator who is part of the generation of contemporary Basque sculptors, considered one of the main renovators of Basque sculpture in the second half of the 20th century. Vitally representative of the symbolic and the mythological. The awareness of the importance of Basque culture (its origin, its history and its traditions), as well as the process of modernization of folklore by the avant-garde to provide a new look at ancestral issues. The artist's work focuses mainly on Basque mythological sculpture. Although he is known for his work in sculpture, he has stood out in the Basque cultural sphere thanks to his different talents as an artist, sculptor, writer and designer. Like the old masters of the best-known current of Basque art, surrealism differentiates him from those marked by abstraction and geometric schematics. Around 1990, with his employment in the forge, he began working with iron. He then embarked on a cycle of non-imitative sculptures, increasing his concern for Basque art and culture. In 2005 he opens a stage of experimentation. Until then, curved lines predominated in his language and now he will adopt more lively and restless surreal rhythms, sculpted in wood. The scale in Totemism had been approached at the end of the 80's with his experience in his ethnic-cultural plastic investigation.






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